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Best Bengali Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Bengali weddings are traditionally in 4 different parts: Bride's & Groom's Gaye Holud at the respective side, the Beeye or Wedding at Bride's Side, Bhat Kapor and the Bou Bhaat or Reception at Groom side. These often take place on separate days. Thus you always need the Best Bengali Photographers in Kolkata to capture all your rituals along with the emotions. The first event in a wedding is an informal one: the groom presents the bride with a ring marking the "engagement", a system which is gaining popularity. This can sometimes be considered as Ashirwaad. There can be subtle differences in Bengali Hindu marriages in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The rituals sometimes differ. In Paaka Katha (final talk), the parents along with other family members of the bride/groom, along with one or two very close relatives/friends go to the other party's house to formally settle the marriage. It may be followed by a lunch / dinner.

Bengali Wedding Photography is very different than other cast's wedding photography. The Photographer has to know all the rituals and the best frames to take the images and videos. After having done 100+ Bengali weddings we are pretty much confident that you can call us the best bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata. To preserve all the memories of your wedding including every rituals and emotions with our photography services. For booking please call +91-9836206192, AD Photography & Films, Bengali Wedding Photographers In Kolkata.

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Lets Explore What We Have Done So Far

Photo GalleryLets Explore What We Have Done So Far

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