Hunting a good Wedding Photographer in Kolkata is very important


Just as Bengali weddings are a big fat affair so is hiring a wedding photographer in Kolkata needs a lot of research and planning. Every custom is followed by the Bengalis in great precision. You can smell the celebration and excitement after the wedding dates are finalized. People start planning for purchasing bridal wear, pieces of jewelry, accessories, etc. Parents of the bride get busy booking the wedding venue, deciding upon the vast Bengali menu. The bride and groom start searching for a wedding photographer to make their life’s best event memorable.

Hunting A Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

Wedding Photographer In Kolkata
Candid wedding photography is becoming a trend these days. Every other couple searches for the best wedding photographer who could offer a cinematic touch to their love story. Every couple wishes their wedding to be “Jaise filmo me hota hai, ho raha hai hubahu” remember, Kareen and Amir Khan dancing to this song in 3 Idiots?
You can come across many wedding photographers in Kolkata who has a structured approach towards offering you the picture perfect wedding photograph of yours who could put in his sincere effort to make your wedding appear like a fairy tale.

Make-up video/photograph

Wedding Photographer In Kolkata
You can expect the wedding photographers in Kolkata to capture the photograph of your eye make-up. The shooting of the bridal make-up video is a fine art that only a few wedding photographers in Kolkata are capable of meeting customer expectations.
Coming to the groom’s changing room the photographer captures the way the groom sets himself for the D day of his life. His married friends and cousins advising him of Dos and Donts in marital life. Professional photographers in Kolkata have a knack for capturing the excited groom’s mother neatening her son’s already ironed collars.

Subho Drishti

Wedding Photographer In Kolkata
The ritual of Saat paak is a splendor to every eye gathered at the wedding. The shy bride stealing her eyes from her husband-to-be. The bride’s mixed feelings of craving to see her groom and nervousness to see him so directly in front of everyone are captured by the camera’s lenses. The bride pursing her lips, looking up and down at her groom often goes unnoticed by naked eyes. The first glance the bride and groom have at the wedding altar is a different emotion that they would have never felt for each other during their zillions of past meet-ups. This ritual is termed Subho Drushti by the Bengalis.

Maala Badal

Wedding Photographer In Kolkata
It is followed by another ritual called Maal Badal where the bride and the groom exchange garlands thrice. In the past, this ritual used to be associated with a lot of thrill and suspense as the bride and the groom would be seeing each other for the first time on the wedding altar.


Wedding Photographer In Kolkata
The ritual of saptapadi as in all Hindu weddings is quite similar. The bride and groom circle the sacred fire 7 times taking their wedding vows.

Sindoor Dan

Wedding Photographer In Kolkata
The ritual where the groom colors his bride’s forehead with sindoor is another candid moment to capture forever and ever. The bride shutting her eyes unable to gather herself for her identity would change the next instant. She would be transforming from the little Miss to Mrs in a matter of few seconds. The wedding photographer in Kolkata would be quick in capturing the exchange of expressions between the newlyweds.


Best wedding photographer in Kolkata
Bidayi is a ritual where the bride leaves her maternal home to live with her husband and his family. This ritual is a mixture of joy and sorrow. The feeling of separation from her caregivers is reflected in the bride’s tears. Anxious parents of the bride bless their daughter and pray for her happiness in her new house. Gathered relatives bade an emotional adieu to the couple.

A Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata makes a note of all the important rituals and special moments that matter to the family and hand them a bundle of beautiful memories in return.

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