5 Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings you can’t miss in 2021


Considering the latest makeup trends for weddings a bride’s makeup should be balanced between what goes with the occasion, and what highlights her natural beauty. When it comes to the wedding day, every bride wants to look her best. Whether you go for a classic timeless look or follow the latest makeup trends for weddings all the eyes should be on you. A good Wedding makeup complements your perfect Banarasi and jewellery and brings the best out of you.

Bengali weddings are multi-day affairs. Starting from Gaye Holud to Bouvat each event dictates its own bridal makeup look. History says, In ancient days the queens used to be adorned with freshly made colours to enchant the king. The Kajal made from the stain by fire flame, blush made from rose and hibiscus, contour made from cinnamon. However, at this edge of fast-beauty, we don’t want to miss the latest makeup trends for weddings and keep on adding variety to Wedding makeup looks.

Here Are some latest makeup trends for weddings that Brides are loving.

Here Are some latest makeup trends for weddings that Brides are loving.

Coloured EyeLiner

Coloured EyeLiner Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings

When it comes to the latest makeup trends for wedding Coloured eyeliners are a huge trend these days. It can change the game for your bridal eye makeup look. To play on the safer side use a deep tone that matches your wedding outfit or you can use neon colours in contrast to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to go bold and let yourself free. It’s your day.

Crystal Studs for eyes

Crystal Studs for eyes Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings
One of the latest makeup trends for weddings that is popping up for a bridal look is using crystal studs as your eyeliner. If you want to grab the attention of your eyes and make it the main focal point of your wedding makeup looks you should definitely try this style. Crystal studs are placed over your lid just like eyeliner. This look would be perfect for your wedding day, as it adds up a glam factor to your overall makeup.

The Smokey Eye Look

Smokey Eye Look Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings
Smokey Eye Look Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings
When it comes to bridal eye makeup smokey eyes are always in. You can go with a heavy smokey eye for the Bouvat , pair it with a softer lip. For the wedding look, a bolder and dramatic lip goes well with a simple traditional lid paired with a winged tip liner. This way your wedding look is more sultry and subdued, while your Bouvat look is more dramatic.

The Monochrome Look

Monochromatic-Makeup-Trend Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings
This bridal makeup look is getting more popular day by day. The art of monochrome makeup is pulling the same shade together on your eyes and lips, and can sometimes mean wearing the same colour blush as well. You don’t have to go all matchy-matchy, choose a colour which is slightly different from your outfit but in the same tone, to make it interesting.

The no-makeup look

The no-makeup look Latest Makeup Trends for Weddings

The best part about this bridal look is it’s timeless. When you look at your wedding pictures 20 years from now, you still want to love them. Pick colours that will make you look radiant. Define your eyes lightly, choose pink or subtle red for lips, rosy cheeks. The Bouvat makeup look is when you should look glamorous so opt for a bold look if it suits your personality.

While determining the right makeup look, try out a few different looks and choose the best. Gauge the jewellery and outfit first in order to decide how much colour and shimmer to use, whether you would like your makeup to match with your outfit, contrast with it, or be more natural and nude. It’s a day that you are going to cherish forever with your beloved one, it’s a day to make memories and capture them for the rest of your life. Wedding Photographers play an important role in that. So, don’t forget to choose your wedding photographer cautiously as you choose your makeup artist. AD Photography & Films is a great choice for that. After all, your kids and grandkids have to know how beautiful you look, which wedding makeup look is your favourite? Let us know in the comment below.

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