Best wedding photography in Kolkata


Chose the Best wedding photography in Kolkata for your wedding. All the focus of any wedding is on the bride because she is the celebrity for that one particular day. There have been mixed views regarding how the bride should dress up on the “D day” of her wedding. Should she dress soberly or should she dress up like a queen? Should she be spending too much money on her clothes and jewelry or should she be in plain clothes and minimal accessories? When do you think of a Bengali bride whose image flashes in your mind? Aren’t Bipasha Basu and Erica Fernandes the first ones to be flashing in front of your eyes? Bips would always be the famous Bong beauty who would be influencing every Bengali bride for generations to come with her fine outfits, crisp makeup, and classy jewelry. Well, the topic of how the bride should dress up is open-ended and debatable. Her wedding is perhaps the only time when she would be decking herself with precious jewelry and clothes but is it worth spending so much for a single day? Oh yes! It’s all worth it as the charming bride would be the focus of various photographs and candid videos. All these are meaningless without good photography thus you can check out AD Photography & Films providing the best wedding photography in Kolkata.

Best wedding photography in Kolkata

Bridal crown

Most of the best wedding photography in Kolkata is all about the focus on the beautiful crown adorned by the Bengali bride.

It is nothing but a beautiful white tiara with an intricate design studded over the bride’s head. It is said to bring good luck for the bride who adorns it. A Bengali bride is incomplete without her “Mukut”.


Best wedding photography in Kolkata
When you hear the word Sindoor, don’t you hear the voice of Deepika Padukone saying, “Suhagan ka sar ka taaj hota hai ek chutki sindoor.” A professional Bengali wedding photographer would ensure that a photo of the bride’s forehead smeared in sindoor is captured with a few specks of them on her nose too. Most of the Bengalis believe that when specks of sindoor colour the bride’s nose, it is a symbol of the husband’s love for the wife.

Eye Make up

A lot of emphases is laid on the eye makeup of a typical Bengali bride. Some of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata are keen on high lighting the intricate white designs drawn over the bride’s eyebrows. Eyebrow high lighters and eye shadows also play an important role in making the bride’s make-up more and more photogenic.

Bridal Saree

You must have noticed that every Bengali bride is draped in a beautiful red silk saree and they put in a fortune to own one. Everybody’s focus would be on the way the how bride carries herself in the heavy attire. Best wedding photography in Kolkata focuses a lot on the way the saree has been finely draped around the bride, the frills, and the embroidery work.


Jewelleries are an integral part of an Indian wedding. Most of the women are interested in knowing how much gold the bride had on her. Most of the Bengali jewelleries are the Nath, Paati haar, Jhumko, Tikli, Chik Baala, chur, Ratanchur etc which every bride wears on the special day. Bengali jewelleries are a lot in demand in the gold jewelry showrooms all over India. You would have noticed in some of the best wedding photography in Kolkata where the bride’s reflection in the mirror wearing the Kaan Bala is captured. Beautiful elegant pictures of the bride showcase her Pola and Shanka bangles around her left hand.

A wedding is every girl’s most awaited day in her life where she wishes to be the best version of herself. A day for which the family would have spent months in the planning. Be a part of their joy not the critique of the arrangements.

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